How to sell

How to Sell

  1. Click Login/Register.
  2. Click “create an account”.
  3. Complete the required fields and click “Register” to create an account.
  4. To activate your account, a verification link will be sent to your registered email. Follow the instructions to verify your account.

*Check your spam/junk folder if you did not receive the e-mail.

  1. Click on the “+” tab in the footer if you are on mobile view or click on “Start Sellingif you are on desktop view.
  2. You are now viewing the “Start Selling” page. This page will show you some of the main features provided for Vendito vendors. To apply, click on “Become a vendor”or “Start Selling”
  3. Fill in all the following required fields:

Store Information

  • Store Name: the name users and customers will see (sold by “Store Name”).
  • Store Description: Tell us about your store or business! The more you say the better to get customers interested.
  • Instagram Username: Enter your Instagram account (business not personal).
  • Facebook URL: Enter the link of your Facebook business page.

Store/Delivery Address

  • Store Address: This is important if you are using Vendito Delivery Service. This is the address where your items will be when we pick them up for orders.

Payment Information

  • Bank Name: The name of the bank of the account you will enter to get your payments.
  • Account Name: Name of the account holder as officially written and accepted at the bank.
  • Account No: Number of the account you want us to transfer your payments to (must match Bank Name and Account Name).
  • IBAN: The IBAN of the account you entered.

Delivery and Returns Information

  • Use Vendito Delivery Services: Check this box if you want Vendito to deliver all your orders. If you do not want our delivery services, don’t check the box and complete the required information.
  • Zones: to provide more flexibility, we have divided areas into zones. You can decide the delivery charge you want for each zone provided.
  • Offer Free Delivery: Check this box if you wish to offer free delivery.
  • Free Delivery Minimum: If you checked the previous box, enter the minimum amount the customer must order to get free delivery.
  • Delivery Policy: Enter your own delivery policy. We suggest you provide a detailed policy for a better customer experience.
  • Returns Policy: Enter your own return policy. If you are a licensed business, you must abide by the applicable laws of the State of Kuwait for customer protection.

Read and accept the Vendor Terms & Conditions, then click “Apply”.

This is your “control center”, named after a car’s dashboard. In addition to the main page, you can also select to view one of the following tabs: Products, Orders, Settings, Ratings, Coupons, and View Store.

Vendor Dashboard:This is the main page for each vendor displaying important information like commission due and paid, recent and total orders, and recent and total products.

Items:This is where you can add and view all your listed items. You are also able to edit, duplicate, view, and delete items. You can also view the status of auctioned items.

Orders: This is where you can view all customers’ orders. You can manage orders, print delivery labels, and mark orders as shipped.

Settings: This is where you can edit the Vendor Application Form. You may need to edit if you changed your address, phone number, bank account, delivery service details, or anything related to your store page.

Ratings: This is where you can see the customers’ review of your items. You can view ratings and comments.

Coupons: In this tab, you are able to generate coupons and codes for discounts and offers.

View Store: This will take you to your store page. You can see how your store will be viewed by customers.

Make sure you have a look around all areas of the vendor dashboard. This is the main area for vendors with so many settings and information. Understanding how to navigate and use the tools provided will give you and your customers a better experience.

  1. Click on the “+” tab in the footer if you are on mobile view or click on “Start Selling”if you are on desktop view.
  2. This is the Item Listing form. Complete the following 4 steps to list an item.
  • Item Details: This step includes item name, condition, category, sub-category, short description, detailed description, and tags. You must provide accurate and truthful information as per the Terms. For the categories, select the most fitting one. To generate more sales and provide a better customer experience, be as detailed as possible when describing the item. Use appropriate tags to appear in search results that are similar to the item.
  • Images: You can uploadthe main image and add up to 7 images for the item page gallery. High-quality pictures encourage customerconfidenceto purchase.
  • Selling Type: This is the most exciting part! Depending on the item you are listing, you select the most appropriate selling type to sell for the best price. The Selling types are auction, fixed price, and variation.
  • Price/Auction Settings and Stock: In the final step, you are required to enter pricing details depending on the selling type you selected. For more detailed information, click on the “Help” button next to the Item Listing form. After entering the price, you will have the ability to manage stock.
  • Click “Add Item”to submit your item for review. The Vendito team will review the item before displaying it.
  • Click “Save Draft”if you did not complete the form because of some information missing, or you need more time, or any other reason. This will save your form and you can complete, edit, or delete it in the Vendor Dashboard.

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