Vendor Protection Policy

Our goal is to make Vendito a marketplace community based on trust and safety. To achieve that, we take action to protect our buyers and vendors by our protection policy.

Vendor Protection Policy

By selling on Vendito, you are protected by policies and activity monitoring that guarantee a safe and trustworthy marketplace community.

Vendito protects vendors by the following methods:

  1. Vendor Protection Policy –Vendors are protected from abusive behavior and events not in your control. We will remove abusive or falsely negative feedback and reviews. We will also monitor auctions and take action on false bids and buyers who do not complete transactions after winning a bid.
  2. Customer Service and Messaging –The messaging service provided is the safest way to communicate with buyers to guarantee you are protected from false claims or abusive behavior.
  3. Buyer Practices Policy –We hold our buyers to certain standards. When buyers do not follow these standards we take action on our buyers and we protect our sellers.Get to know more about buyer policies so you are more familiar with what is expected.
  4. Resolve Unpaid Items From Auctions –Sometimes buyers do not complete a transaction after winning a bid or make false bids with no serious buying intent. We will intervene in such behaviors and provide vendors with options on what to do next.
  5. Reporting Buyers –For further protection, vendors are able to report buyers. Let us know of any abusive or misuse behavior you notice, as that will protect you and may help the whole Vendito community.

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