Techlove Waist Massager Heating, kneading Massage moxibustion Belt

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Techlove Waist Massager Heating, kneading Massage moxibustion Belt, Back Massage, Abdominal Maintenance
1.3 gear pressure adjustment, all-round massage, relax the lower abdomen falling, stuffy, pain and other discomfort, double pressure kneading, gently massage waist and abdomen. 2
. Adopt rapid heating technology, three temperature adjustable, 38 ℃ in the first gear, 40 ℃ in the second gear and 42 ℃ in the third gear, large-area heating, warm waist and abdomen, dispel cold and dehumidification; ly gather heat to 110 ° C under high temperature. The moxibustion effect is deeply applied in the abdomen to fully release the moxibustion effect, alleviate the discomfort of waist and abdomen, nourish and protect the uterus.
3. quickly collect heat, penetrate through the diathermy massage, and carry 8 red lights to release high-power red light photons.
4. The built-in 2300mah battery can work continuously for two hours without being constrained by the power line. It is equipped with remote control operation, which is simple and convenient. It is suitable for adults with a waist circumference of less than 36 in

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