PSA Grading Service

PSA Grading Service


How to get your cards graded

  • Step 1
    Use the form below to add the cards you want to send to PSA. Describe each card (sports, pokemon, card name, card set, set number, condition, etc.).
  • Step 2
    Input your contact details and preferred method of contact in the form below, then submit the form.
  • Step 3
    Wait for us to contact you for more details and to receive a quotation for the price of grading your cards.
  • Step 4
    After confirming the card details and payments, we will send someone to a pickup address of your choice to pickup your cards.
  • Step 5
    Your cards will be sent to PSA and a PSA tracking number will be provided.
  • Step 6
    Wait for your cards to get graded by PSA.
  • Step 7
    Once the cards are graded by PSA, they will be delivered to your address.

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