Listing Policies

Listing Policies

  • There are some items that, due to legal restrictions or Vendito rules, we don’t allow or that can only be listed under certain conditions. If you’re not sure whether your item is allowed, our Prohibited and restricted items policy has more details on what you can and can’t sell.

    To keep Vendito a safe place, sometimes we remove listings that violate our policies. If we remove your listing, we’ll send you an email to your registered email address explaining why. 

    If you can’t find your listings they may have been removed if they violated one of our policies. However, if you haven’t received an email from us about removing your listings, it’s possible they’re just not ranking high up in search results.

    To help improve your search ranking, be as descriptive as possible when you create your listings. Write a clear title and description, list your item in the right category, and fill out all item specifics suggested for your item. 

    Images and text policyYou should write your own descriptions and use your own images, to make sure you’re giving potential buyers an accurate representation of your items, and that you’re not infringing on anyone else’s content rights. 

    No item listings policyAll listings on Vendito have to offer a physical item or a tangible service. Listings that are blank, or don’t offer a tangible item or service, aren’t allowed because they can cause confusion for buyers and increase the risk of fraud.

    JavaScript policyActive content in listings can create a poor experience by increasing page load times and introducing security risks. That’s why it’s not allowed in listings on Vendito.

    Links policyWe don’t allow listings to contain links that direct customers to anothersite.

     Phone Numbers on images and/or listingsWe don’t allow listings or images to contain phone numbers, e-mails, usernames, and/or any other forms or means of contact outside the site.

    Prohibited and Restricted Actions Policy

    To maintain the safety of our community, certain items are prohibited or restricted from being listed on Vendito. Vendors must adhere to the following.

    Vendors may only include one item per listing. Multiple items require the creation of a new listing for each item.


    • Listings must not be in violation of the laws of the State of Kuwait.
    • Listings must not contain any illegal, immoral, or obscene language or images.
    • Listings defaming persons or institutions are prohibited.
    • Listing any kind of weapon, weapon part, or accessory, whether licensed or unlicensed, is prohibited.
    • Listings for medications and aphrodisiacs are prohibited.
    • Listing bugging or surveillance devices and the means of inciting the misuse of telephone devices or other electronic devices is prohibited.
    • Listing items that encourage or enable illegal activity is prohibited.
    • Listings of smoking items of all kinds, regular or electronic, are prohibited.
    • You are not allowed to list real estate, vehicles, or food.
    • Advertisements are prohibited.


    • Vendors can only list the following animals:
      • Pet birds (not including birds of prey).
      • Service or farm animals (including but not limited to horses, sheep, goats, and cattle). House pets are not allowed to be sold.
      • Tropical fish.
    • Animals not included in this list are not allowed.
    • You may not sell a reproduction (in the form of a poster, print, or exact replica painting) if it violates any applicable laws, copyrights, or trademarks.
    • Listings of used underwear and socks are not allowed.
    • Listings of used cosmetics are not allowed.
    • Listing medical devices that require prescriptions is restricted. Vendors can only list the following medical devices:
      • Over-the-counter (OTC) medical devices;
      • Vintage or collectable medical devices, but listings must state that these are not intended for use;
      • New disposable syringes can be listed, but needles cannot be included.
    • Law enforcement and other government-issued uniforms, badges, or accessories, such as hats, jackets, and shirts, or replicas of these items are restricted.
    • You may not sell official emergency lighting systems or sirens, including lenses or LEDs for these systems.

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